Water Transfer Film Made in the USA

Hydrokon: Hydro Dipping Simplified



Are you sick of films that give you a different result each time? Hydrokon film thickness and adherence to the carrier offers consistent performance from dip to dip.



Eliminate guesswork with the built-in fluorescent indicator. Use a black light when rinsing your film to show which areas still have pva and which areas are rinsed.



With a carrier that is easy to remove and no taping necessary, Hydrokon Water Transfer Film is the easiest film on the market to dip your projects for the highest ROI. 

Hydrokon Water Transfer Film is the ONLY hydro dipping film that is both customizeable and Made in the USA. Are you frustrated with films that don't work? Are you losing money due to low quality film? Are you wasting time with film that is hard to work with? Hydrokon Water Transfer Film is the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy this?

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Hydrokon Water Transfer Film is made and packaged in the USA by the IKONICS Corporation, headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota. IKONICS has over 65 years of experience developing imaging products and technologies.

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